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Is there a faster way to solve Algebra Equations ?  

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Relax !  Today I will teach you the powerful tricks of faster Algebra .


      Using 26 Easycal Tricks of faster Algebra I will train your mind to directly solve difficult algebra questions. Watch the video below and let me know if you noticed any increase in your calculation speed.   




       So tell me , did your calculation speed improve after watching the video above .  If it did then please pat your own back as you have made a great start.  Like I said we will be covering Algebra from the basic to the advanced level.  So now let me show you how to use the same trick that you have just now learnt to do superfast Algebra Multiplication.

After watching the video below you will be doing  Binomial  Multiplication of Algebra in matter of seconds



  You have just seen , without putting any extra effort, you have learnt both Algebra as well as Arithmetic (number) multiplication. This was just a trailer of these simple but superfast EasyCal Tricks. In the 26 Easycal Videos we will be learning the most difficult topics of Algebra as easily.  For example ...


Faster Multiplication of numbers It is hard to believe till you see for yourself that you will be able to multiply giant 5 digit numbers in just one or 2 lines. For example : How fast can you calculate   4 3 2 6 1   x    3 4 8 2 3   =   ?
Faster Algebra Multiplication  ( from the basic to advanced level ) Without any extra effort, you will be able to multiply Algebra polynomials ( all types ) directly .
Faster Algebra Division Be prepared to be shocked !!  As you would be able to do Long Division of Algebra in just one line and be able to find Quotient & Remainder both in just few seconds. 
Superfast Way to solve the Algebra Equations ( all types ) Effortlessly you would be able to solve any algebra equation ( from  the simple linear equation to difficult quadratic equation or the  most advanced Cubic Equations in few seconds ). 
Easily solve Word Problems Learn how to directly translate English into Mathematics. Solving long Word Problems was never this easy.


The EasyCal videos you saw above was just a glimpse of the powerful techniques included in this faster Algebra tutorial. It has total
5 hours 12 minutes of fast Algebra techniques presented neatly as 26 videos ( full ) . These videos systematically cover Algebra from the most basic to the advanced level. Surely, it is the easiest and the fastest way to learn Algebra.

By watching these videos for just 10 minutes a day , you ( or your child ) would become an Algebra Expert for lifelong . 

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